Arshaad Enterprises presents a wide range of elevated quality soccerball, volleyballs, handballs, matchballs, rugbyballs, rubberballs, goalkeeping gloves, boxing gloves, base ball batting gloves , punching mitts, karate shoes , baseball, baseball bats for the complete ease and satisfaction of the devotee.

L E A G U E  Q U A L I T Y

Apex quality league balls produced with very delicate quality synthetic leather, fortified support with polyester & cotton fabric. Best for all seasons, performance guaranteed to withstand the vagaries of weather. 32 & 18 panels ball. Ideal for any weather and surface, officially approved.



18 panels, size -5 made of "cordelle fluorescent patent", laminated with 2 cotton and 2 polyester layers, fitted with rubber valve latex bladder, pasted with pure imported latex. Printed in 2 - 4 colours.